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INTRAVENOUS INSULIN PROTOCOL: Are you excited to know more about INTRAVENOUS INSULIN PROTOCOL? Here is the Post to Know more about.


Here we explain the protocol of intravenous insulin, and the protocol regarding this is followingly

  1. IV(Intravenous Insulin Protocol)
  2. Regular insulin (Human at rapid/Insulin/Humalog) 50 units to be dissolved in 50 ml of NS(Normal Saline).
  3. For diabetic patients add 5unit of Human at rapid, in DNS(Dextrose Normal Saline)solution and 10unit Human at rapid in 5℅dextrose solution.
  4. If presented the first time in ICU/Emergency, take a baseline capillary blood glucose (CBG) and insulin infusion to be started as per protocol.
  5. If presented from OT/ward -take the direction from primary consultant, Anesthetist and insulin infusion.
  6. Take CBG hourly after starting the infusion.
  7. The principle is to keep blood glucose level between (130-180) [as per guideline [140-180].
  8. Check every two hourly if two consecutive CBG regarding<120mg and >80mg.
  9. Check again every hourly if 2 consecutive regarding, >200mg.
  10. Inform on-call doctor if CBG <80mg and >400mg.

Check CBG every hourly whatever may be the blood glucose level in the following conditions:-

  • severe sepsis/septic shock
  • patient on Vasopressor support
  • first postoperative day
  • H/O recurrent Hypoglycemia
  • on hemodialysis
  • Acute MI in 48 hours
  • universal safety precaution and hand hygiene protocol to be followed every time to be giving insulin



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