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Common cold and Cough its treatment and symptoms

Are you suffering in Common cold and Cough? Here we have described details about the common cold, its symptoms, and treatments.

Common cold

The common cold is generally most popular, and everyone has a simple idea to treat or to get rid of common cold, here I am explaining some simple tips about the common cold

Common cold is generally known as the most popular viral infection

Generally common cold diseases is also known as cold in simple term
The common cold is a popularly known disease  as a viral infection in this disease nose and throat are gets infected and this is having demarcation with the flu, means common cold is may be associated with flu
There are many different types of viruses those are the the main reason /cause of common cold , due to the viruses the common cold spreads rapidly.
This condition of viral infection is generally harmless to the body ,means common cold does not harms to the body and the sign and symptoms those are occuring during common cold is generally lasts long for more than 2weeks, more than 2 weeks common cold symptoms doesn’t appear and it has some normal symptoms, those anyone can diagnosis

Symptoms of the common cold

The symptoms of common cold or cold are as follows:

Generally, the common cold disease can be diagnosed by anyone by noticing some sign and symptoms those are some common and normal sign and symptoms, so common cold is self diagnosable by anyone

People may experience

There are some common sign and symptoms of common cold those can occur to the patient during infection, during this viral infection the common symptoms those are some people may experience are described below

Pain areas: Pain in the muscles ( pain in muscles can fell )
Cough: cough with phelgm occurs
Nasal :most common symptoms occurs to nose those are congestion
Loss of smells
Redness appearance
Runny nose
Or sneezing
Postnasal drip
Whole-body: during common cold whole body parts are feels body ache
Eyes: itchiness
Watery eyes
Head:congestion or sinus pressure

Also common:-chest pressure
Swollen lymph nodes
Or throat irritation


The treatments of common cold consists of antiinflamatory and it is also including decongestants

Generally most of the patients those are suffering from common cold are recovered easily by themselves by using some other(over the counter) drug or by undergoing or applying in a homemade remedy
And the otc (over the counter)drugs and home remedies helps the patients to release from the symptoms of common cold very easily

Generally there are two types of treatments those are involved for treatment of cold are known as follows
they are

A. Self-care
B. Medications

A. Selfcare

Selfcare (self-diagnosis Or self treatment)means to improve your health conditions with some remedies or  drugs (otc) by yourself
The selfcare treatment includes 3 types of methods for treatment of common cold they are

Nasal washing

Nasal washing is a rinsing procedure for removing out the irritants and excess mucus, it is a self care method in which the irritants and excess mucus those are held in the nasal way are removes out

This process is done by using warm water and adding salt in it, at first take some water, then slightly warm it and dont make it hot then add some ammout of Water Or you can warm water after mixing salt in it
Or often use a nati pot or squeeze bottle, use those while you are doing nasal wash
Nasal washing is the method of selfcare medication in which a sinus flushis used which is known as nasal or salaine irrigation, patients can use himself for remove the irritants and excess mucus
It is known as a method of gently flushing out your nasal passage(the excess mucus Or irritants)with a salt solution
A sinus flush is effective at relieving nasal congestion and irritation caused by a sinus infection, allergies or a cold, during common cold the nasal passage is filled up with excess mucus and the sinus flush helps to remove out all irritants and relieves the nasal congestion and clears the nasal passage

Throat lozenge
This throat lozenge is used for  soothes sore throat, sore throat occurs generally in common cold or cold, some throat lozenge are as followings


Menthol is a oil  which is a derivative of mint that Soothes sore throat and
Relives itching, menthol is very effective to help in this problem and it feels good after using menthol
Blocked sinuses occurs during the common cold disease are congested
Airways are common symptoms of a cold which menthol can relieve, menthol is very effective to clear the airways and to relieve out from the symptoms
Menthol is generally derived from many types of mint plants, that means the source of menthol is can be many plants and those are helpful to our body during common cold
Other research are found that vapour rub containing menthol, means the vapour rubs those are used for cold are contains menthol
It is known that the Eucalyptus and camphor are significantly
Improved sleep in adults  and the children those are suffering with common cold viral infection


Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug

Some non-steroidal antiinflamatory drugs are included under

Non steroidal and anti inflammatory drugs are those drugs those are using to treat common cold and they used to relieve pain
decreases inflammation
Reduces fever


Analgesics are those medications those are used to relieve the pain from cold and these are relieves the body from pain and relaxes the patient
But there are also some common cold analgesics those are nasal sprays and painkillers those are used as ibuprofen and acetaminophen(paracetamol) and they can provide some relief from common cold symptoms to the patients but not complete relief
Generally we know that common cold are very common on average adults can come down with a cold and common cold can occur two to four times a year and children have as many as six to eight colds a year, this is the overall average result of viral infection of cold followed by study , this may be carried in some cases


Antihistamines are that medication those reduces or  stops the allergic reactions during common cold
Most of the time the experts say that histamine is not the masure the cause of a runny nose when you have suffering from a cold , even some of the orders antihistamines such as brompheniramines and cholphorinamines are also can the cause of runny nose during cold
Can being relief , newer antihistamines like fexophenadine (allegra) ,and loratidine(claritin) ,have not been shown to work for cold symptoms

Cough medicines

Cough medicines are those used to relief from cough and remove out the cough
Cough medicines are blocks the cough reflexes after it’s application
In the mucus types Some may thin and loosen mucus
Making it easier to release and to clear from the airways
Cough suppressants like dextromethorphan can provide relief for some time but they also don’t relief permanently they work on the part of the brain that controls the process of expectorants (it means to spell out) like guaifenesin
cough medicines can break up the Congestion in your chest by
Thining the mucus in airways and they relief pain


Decongestants are classified under medications for treatment of common cold and this also does the following
Decongestants are those medications those are relieves nasal congestion
Also they helps to improve in sweeling and runny nose
Otc drugs(over the counter drugs) Decongestants containing pseudophedrine can help to dry and clear the nasal passages means the excess mucus and irritants but only temporaryly, they don’t cure this permanently
Decongestants nasal sprays like oxymetalozine (afrin)
This medication can help too but if they are used for more than three to five days continuously then they may cause a “rebound ” Effect after the treatment or during it’s application
This means more mucus and worse congestion(means more the mucus level in the nasal passage and worse congestion)

Tweleve natural cough remedies

There are some types of natural home remedies by using which you can treat common cold and you can also get ride from the symptoms, there are those 12 natural cough remedies explained below

Honey tea
Marshmallow root
Salt water gargle

1.Honey tea

honey tea is most commonly known remedy for cough
Honey tea is known as a population home remedy for cough by using it with warm water, only it is best by using the honey tea with slight warm water
According to some research honey with warm water relieves cough, it is most common of treatment
A study regarding nighttime cough in children shown that using dark honey with warm water for children is more effective to relieve the cough , means dark honey with warm water has the best effect on the night time cough in childrens
But the dark honey mixed with warm water is used with some cough suprresing medications for a better action just like dextromethorphan and with no treatment
The researchers reported that honey is the best for relieve for cough followed by dextromethorphan they have only their best effective action when they are used together
Although by using the benefits of honey is low with dextromethorphan ,Parents reted honey most favorably of all three interventions
To treat cough use 2 mix teaspoons(tsp) with warm water or an herbal tea ,you can use any one of them and drink this mix once or twice a day
Don’t give honey to below one year age children, it is a warning don’t give below one year children at any cost


Ginger may ease a dry or asthmatic cough
As it has anti inflammatory properties
It may also relieve nausea and pain
One study shows that some anti inflammatory compounds in ginger can relax membranes in the airways
Which could reduce coughing the researchers mainly studied the effects of ginger on human cells and animals
So more researche is necessary

Brew up a soothing ginger tea by adding 20-40 grams  of fresh ginger slices to a cup of hot water dont make too hot and then allow to steep for sometimes or a few minutes before drinking  the hot water add honey or lemon juice and make a mix of it to improve the taste and further soothe a cough, it has improved in taste and then it becomes effective
Be aware that , in some cases , ginger tea can cause stomach upset or heart burn, means may be gastritis and sevior heart burn


Fluids are essential for body and by drinking required ammount of water in necessary for body
Staying hydrated is vital for those are suffering with a cough or cold. According to study the Research indicates that drinking liquids at room temperature can alleviate a cough ,runny nose and sneezing (the common symptoms occurs during common cold)
However those peoples those are suffering with additional symptoms due to infection
Of a cold or flu may benefit for warming up their beverages, the same research and the same study reports that beverages , alleviate even more symptoms including a sore throat, chills(these are also the common symptoms )”
And fatigue
The symptoms of infection of common cold, cough Or flu related relief was immediate and remained for a continued period after finishing the hot beverages
Hot beverages that may be comforting for using and treating the symptoms include ;-
Clear brothes
Herbal teas
Decaffeinated black tea
Warm water
Warm fruit juices


Stem is that which is used to relief from
A weight cough which that produces mucus or phlegm make improve with steam
Take a hot shower and allow the bathroom to fulfill with steam for sometimes and after that stay in the steam for few minutes until some subside drink a glass of water afterward to cooldown to prevent dehydration(loss of water). Alternatively make a steam bowl to do this make a bowl and after that full it with worm water add herbs and essential oils those are required such as eucalyptus or Rosemary , which may also provides relieve from decongestion and after that lean over the bowl and put a towel over the head  this traps the steam and the steam can be flow outside and then you have to  inhale the vapours for five minutes  , if the steam feels hot in the skin, discontinue untill the skin cools down, if you inhale the hot stem then it hurts the skin
Those peoples those are suffering with a weight cough or Cheist congenstion they may also follow the recommendations of the national heart lung and blood Institute (NHLBI)

5.marshmallow root

Marshmallow root is also very useful as a well known remedy
Marshmallow root Is a herb that has a long history of use as a treatment for cough and sore throats and herb can ease the irritation mucilage content , mucilage is just like a thick  gluey substance that coats the throat completely
One small study  from the research is revels that an herbal cough syrup is that which is containing  marshmallow root , also including with thyme and ivy, they effectively relieves from the coughs and it also helps to effectively resulting from common cold and respiratory tract infections  after 12days of taking a syrup , overall 90/ of the participants are rated it’s effectiveness as good or very good after using it
Marshmallow root is also available as a dried herb form or bagged tea packets and hot water to either and then drink it  after making a tea immediately or allow it to cool first  the longer the marshmallow root in the water and the marshmallow root steeps in the water , the more mucilage linked in the drink
Side effects can effects the stomach upset, but It may be possible to counter by
Drinking sufficient fluids
Marshmallow root is available in the health stores

6.salt water gargle

Salt water gargle is the best and well known home remedy to treat cough, this is a common medication
This is the well known simple remedy and this method is one of the most effective treatment for sore throat and wet cough , salt water is used to  reduce phelgm and the mucus in the back of the throat which can lessen the need to cough
Stirr  gently a half of a teaspoons(tsp) of salt Into a cup of warm water(don’t make it hot)untill it dissolves the salt with the warm water allow the solution to cool slightly before using it to gargle make sure that it is in just warm state and let the mixture of warm water and salt to it at the back of the throat for a few moments before using it and spliting it out , gargle with salt water each day several times , untill cough improves, and this procedure for some days conteneously for complete rexalation from the symptoms

It is a warning that parents should Avoid the using salt water to give children because they may not be able to gargle properly and swallowing salt water is dangerous


Bromalein is the well known remedy to treat cough
Generally pineapples contains bromalein which is usefull to treat cough
Bromalein is that enzyme which is derieved from pineapples and it Is mostly  plentiful in the core of the fruits
Bromalein contains the antiinflamatory properties and they are also may have mucolytic properties
Which means that the Bromalein can may breaks down the excess mucus and it removes it out the excess mucus from the body
Some people may drinks the pineapple juice daily ,they uses these juice to reduce the excess mucus in the throat and also helps to remove the mucus out from the body and also it suppress coughing ,  but however they may not be enough to do so bromalein in the juice to relieve symptoms
Bromalein symptoms are generally available and they are mainly more effective at relieving the cough ,but however it is best to consult a doctor Before using any new supplements ,and ulyou should use as directed
It may be sometimes possible to  be allergic to bromalein
And this herb can cause side effects and interact with medications .means they sometimes interact with the other medications and this may be show some side effects


Thyme is very useful for treatment of cough
Thyme has both properties and are culinary and medical uses and is very common remedy for cough , a sore throat, a bronchitis , and digestive issues, all these are treated by using thyme
According to One study it is found that a cough syrup which is consisting  of thyme and ivy leaves relieve coughing more effectively and more rapidly than a piacebo syrup means it is very useful and effective in people with acute bronchitis , antioxidants in the plant may be responsible for its benefits and for all effective actions
to treat cough using thyme  look for a cough syrup that contains this herb , alternatively
Make thyme tea by adding 2 tsp of dried thyme to a cup of hot water , steep for 10minutes , before straining and drinking,although it is a common remedy but you should use as directed

9.dietary changes for acid reflux

Acid reflux is a common cause for cough, and avoiding those foods that can cause acid reflux is one of the best way to manage this condition and reduce the cough to accompanies it , every individual may have different acid reflux triggers that they need to avoid , people who are ensure what causes the acid reflux can begin by eliminating the most common triggers from their diet and monitoring their symptoms
The foods and beverages that are most common trigger acid reflux includes
Citrus foods
Fried and fatty foods
Garlic and onions
Spices and spicy foods
Tomatos and tomato based products

10.slippery elm

The native Americans are generally traditionally uses the slippery elm and those slippery elms are similar to marshmallow root because as it contains a high ammout of mucilage, that’s why they are similar to each other
Which helps to soothe the sore throat and cough herb to a cup of hot water and then use it for sore throat and cough
Make slippery elm by adding  1 tsp by dried
Step for at least 10 minutes before drinking and made the slipery elm for use and it is interfere with the with the absorption of medications
Slippery elm is available in powder and capsule form for health stores and online so you can buy from anywhere as your required

11.n- acetylcysteine (nac)

N- acetylcysteine is known as NAC
Nac is a supplement that comes from the amino acid L-cysteine , taking a daily dose may lessen the frequency and severity of a wet cough by reducing mucus in the airways
A meta analysis of 13 studies suggest that nac can significantly and consistently reducing the symptoms in peoples with chronic bronchitis , chronic bronchitis is a prolonged inflammation of the airways that causes mucus bluid of a cough and other symptoms
The researchers suggest a daily dose of 600 mg of nac for people without airways obstruction  and upto 1200 mg where there is an obstruction
Nac can have serve side effects , Including hives, swelling fever and difficulties in breathing , anyone considering this approach should speak to a doctor first.


Probiotics are known immune balancing product
Generally the Miso soup is rich in probiotics compounds
Probiotics do not relieve a cough but they may boost the immune by balancing the bacteria in the gut, it provides and boosts the immune power
Generally it is clear that A superior immune system can help to fight off better that a normal immune system infections or allergies that may be causing the cough
There are one type of probiotics a bacteria called lactobacillus  this is the bacteria which provides a modest benefit in preventing the common cold , according to research it is studied completely
There are some types of supplements containing lactobacillus and other probiotics are available at health stores and drug stores , those are you may find in online stores or you can contact to your nearby health stores to get them

There are Some types of foods that are naturally rich in probiotics,and they are ncluding;

Miso soup
Natural  yogurt


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